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We are OPEN for Business!

We are OPEN for Business! By Patrick McCarran Real Estate Broker The good news is the Banks are still making loans, Realtors are still selling home and the Title companies are still managing the process. During this period of Corona virus and in a time of uncertainty I am here to support you. Real Estate has been deemed an essential business and although it may look a little different, many of my fellow realtors like myself are here to help with all of you real estate needs and answer any questions. I am happy to discuss the shutdown, the future of the economy and the housing market in general. If you want to make a plan to buy a home whether today or in the future, I am here for you. If you are looking to sell your home, I would be happy to provide counseling or list the property. In this modern age I can accomplish this all through the wonders of technology. We can chat via any number of apps like Zoom or FaceTime. I can tour the home virtually. We can fill out most o

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